Melodii cu tematica gay

        Urmatoarele 20 de melodii fac parte dintr-o lista mai lunga a preferintelor muzicale. Criteriile de selectare sunt clare: sunt cantate de o femeie, versurile indica in mod evident atractia sau iubirea pentru o alta femeie.




·        The Indigo Girls: Power of Two


·        Melissa Etheridge: Come to My Window


·        Sophie. B. Hawking: Damn, I wish I was your Lover


·        K.D.Lang: Constant Craving


·        Jill Sobule : I kissed a Girl



·        Doria Roberts: Perfect


·        Ani DiFranco: If it isn’t Her



·        Laura Nyro: Emmie


·        Anais Mitchell- Shenandoah




·        The Butchies: She’s so Lovely


·        Melissa Ferrick: Drive


·        Rachel Sage: Leah


·        Janas Hoyt & Mary Janes: Alison


·        Patricia Barber: She’s a Lady


·        Alanis Morissette: Crazy


·        Tracy Chapman: For My Lover


·        Uh Uh Her: Not a Love Song


·        Joan Armatrading: The Weakness in Me


·        Valeria: Girl I Told Ya



·        Tegan and Sara: All You Got


2 Responses

  1. foarte tare,chiar cautam zilele trecute melodii de genu,si nice blog btw ;)..

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